Yellowtail Hamachi – Fillet (Frozen) – 500g+/-



Yellowtail Hamachi – Fillet (Frozen) – 500g+/-

Yellowtail Hamachi, one of the most popular sushi toppings in Japan. Farmed, 100% Japanese and processed using the ‘Ikijime’* method. Because of the healthy relationship with our unique exclusive Japanese partner, we can bring you the best frozen Hamachi in the world! The combination of freshness, EP Premium feed**, and rich fat content (up to 29%) results in a fully flavoured taste, firm meat and mouth feel. Our Hamachi is perfect for Sashimi!

*Ikijime: A method of quickly killing the Hamachi so the flesh retains its quality and will be 100% fresh.

**EP Premium Feed based on tea Catchechin from green tea and Fucoidan from Kombu kelp. This type of feed prevents oxidation and change of colour of the end product.

Why is Hamachi so healthy?

Yellowtail Hamachi has a high fat content which makes it full of flavour and melt in your mouth. The high EPA and DHA percentages make Hamachi extremely tasteful and very healthy.

เนื้อปลาฮามาจิ (แช่แข็ง) ขนาดประมาณ 500 กรัม

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500 G.+/-


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