Large Snails 8 Dozen Tin 4/4 – 850g


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BOURGOGNE ESCARGOTS is located in the city of Dijon, in the heart of Burgundy, France’s most celebrated culinary region.

Where else but in Burgundy would it be possible to find the best fresh and prepared escargots?
Bourgogne Escargot has been in the escargot business for over 40 years and  has built its reputation on quality. Our quest for quality is present in everything we do. It starts by selecting the finest escargots, complete control of our food processing, extensive employee training and then on to finding the best ways to serve our customers.

The escargots are simply cooked in vegetable stock with salt, pepper and natural flavours and then sterilized: ensuring that the consumer can then use the snails in any type of prepared dish and still taste the original freshness and unique Burgundy escargot flavour.

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